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Not Sure if They're Creepy, Crazy, Cool, or All the Above....

Thumbs Up Wall Hook

When it comes to decorating my home and home office, my motto is, “If it makes me smile, it has a place in my life.”  I mean, surrounding yourself with things that amuse you has to be great for your psyche, if not always your bank account.

I also get a huge kick out of things that grab people’s attention – things few people can walk by without doing a double take.

The cool line of Interior Illusions “Hands” wall hooks on Amazon certainly fit the above descriptions!

The Thumbs Up Wall Hook pictured at the top is just one of the hooks available.

  • Can be used to hang items from.
  • Create a 3D look to your room .
  • Create even more dramatic appearance by hanging in groups.

Also on Amazon, you’ll find the Cellphone Holder Hand Hook (pictured below). Talk about convenient!

Wall Hand for Holding Cellphone

I am one of those people who is forever looking around for her phone – it’d be nice to actually have a hand keeping up with it… see what I did there?

  • Each item is made by hand.Hang your items or simply hang as is for that whimsical addition to your décor.
  • Hold your keys or phone.
  • Hold your personal belongings.
  • Hang in multiples to make a more dramatic statement.

Click through either of the links above for more information. You can find even more “helping hands” below. Yep, I’m taking that joke and running with it…

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