Staples is Offering Up the Savings

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Staples Vertical File Cabinet

We’re all looking for ways to save money, cut corners, and stretch our dollar – all without compromising our standard of living (or at least as little compromising as possible!).  The experts tell us time and time again to watch for sales.  They say to buy what we need when it’s at the best possible price.

Sounds logical, no?

That’s why I always watch the circulars and my favorite stores’ websites.  This way I can know immediately when they want to make me a deal I can’t refuse.

Staples wants to play the savings game beautifully this week and are offering up great deals on all things tech.

Their 40 Tech Deals under $100 Event and Big Printing Event are loaded with everything you’re looking for – short of a Caramel Latte topped off with caramel and a fat dollop of whipped topping and a fat chocolaty Walnut Brownie. Someone woke up with her sweet tooth locked and loaded.

The deals aren’t just tech-ish, though.

You’ll find lots of savings on standard office supplies, office furniture, and office equipment. For example, the 2-Drawer 25 inch Staples Vertical File Cabinet pictured here is on sale, for a savings of $10.

That $10 could buy a Caramel Latte and 2 Walnut Brownies. I apologize. I’m out of control. (I’m also headed to the kitchen. he he he)

This Week Only:
40 Tech Deals under $100 at Staples®! Save on hard drives, printers, memory cards, mice and more. Ends 3/7.

One Day Only:
ONE DAY ONLY – Up to 50% OFF select Lexmark printers at Staples®. Offers valid 3/4 only. Shop now!

It’s not hard to make a difference. It’s easy. Find eco-friendly products at Staples®. Shop green now!

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