Stainless Steel Man Bookends

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Office Freaks, Let Men of Steel Hold Your Books for You!

Stainless Steel Man Book Ends
The handsome Stainless Steel Man Bookends are the strong, silent type (ever notice how very, very few of this type remain??!!).   A quick glance at the bookshelves in my home office leads me to believe I need these guys in my life right away.  I love the fact that they have padded bases, so they won’t scratch my furniture and the no-skid aspect means I won’t have a book avalanche on my hands.

Hate, hate, hate when that happens.


  • Keeps books vertically organized and in place so books don’t easily tip
  • Non-skid bookends have padded bases to keeps scratches to a minimal and prevent slipping
  • Decorate your study room and Keeps your books organized and in view
  • Size:2.76*6.1*7.3inch(7*15.5*18.5cm)
  • Package: 1 pair of bookend

See Stainless Steel Man Bookends for a closer look. These guys are really sharp, aren’t they?!

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