Paper Mate Felt Tip Pens, 12-Pack

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Beautiful, Can't Miss Colors - Great Price Online

Paper Mate Flair Point Tip Pens
As I’ve said and said often, I am beyond obsessed with pens. Seriously, my home office has more pens than a lot of office supply stores. Lately, I’m in a HUGE felt tip pen phase. A while back, I bought a red one for keeping score (baseball) and began using it in my daily work.

I felt in love and haven’t been the same since.

Why am I so CRAZY about these colorful Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens?

  • They’re easier to see than most ink pens and certainly easier to see than pencils. Whether you’re dealing with tired eyes, poor lighting, or aging eyes (or the trifecta, of course) – these pens are SO MUCH EASIER to see and read. Trust me, once you get used to using these guys, people will  have to pry them out of your hand.
  • Great for color-coding. When you have a rainbow of colors at your disposal, you can color code to do lists, planners, etc. I go with RED for things that are the most “urgent,” PURPLE for things that are more or less “optional” and GREEN for things that fall in between.
  • Perfect for wall calendars. I’ve decided that it’s almost worthless to write on wall calendars with ink pens. Unless you get right up on it, an important event can come and go without you ever being the wiser. These Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens make the event stand out, so you see it coming for days at a time.

Click through either of the links above for more information.  This set is a great buy – I’ve compared the prices in stores and Amazon seems to be the way to go.

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