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Yafa Scenario Fountain Pen And Ballpoint Pen Set, Medium Point, 1.0 mm, Red Barrel, Black/Blue Ink

I’m completely and utterly wild about pens. As I confessed in my last post, I’m even a bit of a kleptomaniac when it comes to pens – I’m a new type of klepto… a kleptopenomaniac.

Oh, I’ve got it bad.

But, in the vein of fair play, I’m going to give you a tip on how to protect yourself from my wanton ways: For whatever reasons, I’m only obsessed with pens with blue, red, or purple ink. If your pen has black ink, you’re safe. If it has green ink, you’re safe.

I guess kleptopenomaniac are picky pick pockets.

Generally, I just buy myself a steady stream of great pens and leave everyone else’s alone. I’ll see a great looking set of pens in the store and promise to give them a good home.

And, yes I pay for them.  I always pay in stores. It’s at home or in my husband’s car that pens are fair game.

I’m not even lying, the Yafa Scenario Fountain Pen And Ballpoint Pen Set, Medium Point, 1.0 mm, Red Barrel, Black/Blue Ink (shown here) is making me a little breathless.  Look at these beauties! The handsome set is from Office Depot and includes one fountain pen and one ballpoint pen (my personal fave).

Pen Features:

  • Fountain and ballpoint for writing options.  Enjoy the luxurious writing of a fountain pen and the convenience of a ballpoint in 1 set packaged nicely in a gift box!
  • Contoured grip area for comfort and control.  No-slip contour on both pens offers the perfect resting place for your fingers. The fountain pen includes a pocketed, rubberized grip for added control while you write.
  • Ballpoint features easy twist-action retraction.  Just twist to extend or retract the pen’s tip.
  • Both pens feature medium points for clear, legible lines.
  • Refillable for continued use.  Fountain pen uses international mini ink cartridges. Ballpoint is refillable, too; or use a converter to create a capless rollerball out of your ballpoint pen.

Click through the link above or the image for more information as well as other pen and color options. Office Depot is one of THE best places to find perfect pens… maybe even better than my husband’s desk.


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