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Most Inexpensive Night Watchman You'll Ever Find

SW211STY StyleCam - DIY Home & Office Security Camera Night Vision

If security is on your mind, a night vision camera is something you’ll want to consider. The SW211STY StyleCam – DIY Home & Office Security Camera Night Vision (shown here) is just the thing you need to feel more secure whether it’s with your home, office, home office, or garage.  It’s undoubtedly the most inexpensive… and probably the shortest… night watchman you’ll ever find.

The Swann StyleCam is a versatile security solution that suits both indoor and outdoor applications. Providing clear color images during the day, the camera automatically switches to black & white mode at night, while the infra-red LEDs project invisible light up to 16ft (5m)! Now, you can monitor your premises at night or keep an eye on areas such as stairwells, secluded corners or alleyways that usually have little light!


  • 380 TV Lines for clear image resolution
  • 16ft (5m) infra-red night vision
  • 60ft (18m) RCA video cable
  • Sleek, compact and stylish design
  • Perfect for home and office use

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