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Just The Thing We Need to Get Our Acts Together

Mesh Desk Organizer for the Office, School, or HomeI have a confession to make.  My desk (and nearby shelves, for that matter) tend to get, not just cluttered, but hecka cluttered.  I work from home (web publisher with 12 blogs/websites), so I have casual Friday is everyday. Sure, there’s a lot to love about the arrangement, but it also poses its own special hurdles.

  • My cats see no good reason I can’t play 24/7.
  • I see no good reason I can’t play 24/7.
  • My desk is right beside a window that looks out to our multiple bird (and squirrel) feeding stations.  I am always getting distracted by a blue jay, cardinal, hummingbird, or… Oh! Look, squirrels! Once a couple of squirrels chased one another around the tree, up and down.. around and around… I got nothing done all day.
  • Snacks are way too readily available.
  • Everything under the sun finds its way to my desk and shelves – newspaper articles, recipes, coupons, magazines, to do lists, press releases…

You’ll notice that “I have countless hours to organize and clean my home office” didn’t make the list. It wasn’t even considered. Cue Sweet Brown, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I’m shopping for a few mesh organizers to help me out.  Then, at least when I fling stuff around, it’ll have something attractive to fall into.

The Rolodex Wire Mesh Three-Tier Swivel Tower (62533) (on the right) is ideal for cork board tacks (not fun to step on, let me tell you), paper clips, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, folded up charging cords, etc. Each of the three containers swivel, which is pretty cool.

Office Desk Organizer I also have my eye on the handsome Safco Model Organizer with Three Drawers, Black Onyx (3252), on the left.

The Safco Model Organizer is begging to keep track of my folders, post it notes, stapler, to do lists, index cards, and scissors.  I’d also use it during the day as a spot for my iPad and cellphone to chill.  I always want them near me, but “near me” always means being thisclose to coffee. I pretty much live in fear of giving my gadgets a bath they’ll never forget.

I also love the drawer for pens.  I’m a world class pen hoarder and even have “sticky fingers” around my family’s pens.  Seriously, one of these days they’re going to put up a Wanted poster.  Then again, I do all the cooking, so I think I’m safe.

Click through either of these beauties for a closer look.

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