Handsome Leather Task Chairs: On Sale at Office Depot!

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Black or Brown.. Heck, With This Sale, Grab One of Each

Black Leather Task Chair

I hear from a lot of cool office freaks who are just as obsessive as I am…. well, close…. with office supplies, furniture, and organizers. It’s always good to see you aren’t alone in your freakiness.  Many of you are particularly obsessed with desk chairs.  As someone who spends a crazy amount of time in her home office in such a chair, I fully support this obsessive approach.

The chair on which you ride through the day greatly determines the kind of day you have.  And night for that matter, because if your chair isn’t just right, your back, hips, and/or neck will surely let you know about it.

A lady told me a few weeks ago that she’d tried every kind of chair known to office workers over the years. She was searching for “just the right one” for a bad hip. Apparently she’d shelled out all kinds of money for fancy pants chairs through time only to find her hip still hurt at night.

She told me that, ironically, she found a “task chair” on sale one day in an office supply store, sat down in it and liked the way it felt.  She said it was on sale, so she didn’t mind buying it on the spot. She has used it ever since because she found it to be more comfortable than every other chair she’d used.

I can relate, as a matter of fact.  We have several high-back, high-end desk chairs in our home.  A few members of the family have had serious back issues, so I insisted that the “fancy pants” chairs go to them. I grabbed a task chair that we had and don’t have a single complaint.

Not one.

As I’ve written before, a car wreck years ago left me with a back that can be problematic. Rainy weather can be a sore subject, sitting too long or, ironically, standing too long leads to copious amounts of Ibuprofen, and Heaven forbid I lift anything remotely heavy.  And yet, I wouldn’t take anything for my handsome little task chair! I don’t experience stiffness, low back pain, or any of that lovely stuff.

Naturally, only you know for sure what kind of desk chair is best for you.

Some determining factors when selecting an office chair:

  • the amount of time you spend in the chair (hours during the day or just an hour or two in the evening)
  • your height
  • your weight
  • what part of your body needs the most support (back, hips, neck…)

The leather task chairs shown in this post are from Office Depot. The black one (at the top) is the Dorra Bonded Leather Task Chair, 37 2/5in.H x 26 2/5in.W x 27 2/5in.D, Black and the brown one (below) is the Dorra Bonded Leather Task Chair, 37 2/5in.H x 26 2/5in.W x 27 2/5in.D, Brown.

Dorra Bonded Leather Task Chair, 37 2/5in.H x 26 2/5in.W x 27 2/5in.D, Brown

They are currently on sale for just $59.99. If you order online, you can get free delivery, with a 1-3 day estimated delivery. At that price, I honestly want a few just to have on stand-by.

Description from Office Depot:

Pillowed cushioning on seat and back keeps you comfortable!

  • Soft bonded leather on seating surfaces, pillow foam inside.
  • Tilt lock and tilt tension adjustment help you find your optimal position and rate of recline.
  • Effortless 1-touch seat-height adjustment.
  • Armrests help alleviate shoulder strain.
  • Waterfall seat cushion slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on your legs.
  • Meets or exceeds ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.
  • Weight capacity tested to support up to 225 lb.
  • Assembly required.

Click through either link or any of the pictures for more information.

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