Hipster Cat Wall Mural: Shades on His Face and Coffee on His Mind

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Ah, Great Minds Think Alike

The Morning After
The Morning After
Hidden Moves
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Art – whether it’s paintings, sculptures, murals, or posters – is a peculiar thing.  What “speaks” to one person may barely whisper to the next. What’s even more bizarre is the fact that, very often, we can’t even put into words what it is we love so much about the art in question.

It can really be challenging for those of us with eclectic, off the beaten path taste.

The wall mural above is a prime example. I am completely wild about this hipster cat. His poise, attitude, cool vibe, and thought processes don’t just speak to me, they scream so loud they blow my hair back.  I, too, would have an image of coffee if I had a thought bubble following me around.  As in 24/7.

One of the few things I love as much as coffee is cats – so this mural is right up my coffee-chugging crazy cat lady alley.

This cool hipster would bring a great deal of sass and fun to any office, home, dorm room, or… well.. anywhere a little sass was needed.  Click through for a closer look.

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