Glitzy and Chic 2017 Planner from Target

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Love at First Sight....

2017 Planner

2017 Planner from

I have a confession to make – I am a notebook organizer and pen fanatic. Obsessed is a better word for it. Whenever I’m in Target or on, I feel overwhelmingly compelled to check out their notebooks, organizers, and pens. They honestly have one of the best selections of office and school supplies you’ll find (online or off).

Each New Year I shop Target for just the right planner for that year. I’m feeling the one pictured above for 2017.  This 2017 planner has a modern look with the year decal in gold and polka dots. Since polka dots do it for me, I’m ordering this beauty asap.

  •  Beige planner with polka dots
  • 2017 calendar year planner
  • Thick quality pages
  • Thoughtful details throughout
  • Color: Beige

See 2017 Planner from for a closer look at this planner – you’ll also find a ton of other office and school planners to choose from, as well as countless other office supplies and organizing sanity savers.

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