Funny Coffee Mugs for the Office

One Way to Make Work Less Dark and Dire

Funny Office Coffee Mug Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Ceramic Mug

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but personally I think there’s more to it than that. Laughter is a sanity preserver. Without a sense of humor, your psyche isn’t going to survive this world.

Especially Mondays.

So, it only makes sense to add as much humor to your life and smiles to your day as humanly possible. I love to surround myself with things (and, let’s be honest, people) who make me smile until my face aches and laugh till people think I’ve snapped. My motto? All I’m after is a life filled with laughter!

The mugs in this post seem to have the same motto, so we hit it off right away. Each one is available on Amazon (you can find a lot more funny coffee mugs for work on their website)

Funny Coffee Mug for the Office

You May Speak Now Coffee Mug

We Recycle Office Coffee Mug

Prescription Coffee Mug

Speak Your Mind

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