The Fish Aquarium for the Cool Office or Home: Most Unusual!

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I’ve been cruising the web, “window” shopping if you will, like I”m being paid to do so this morning. I have no idea how I even landed on the site or saw the amazing Fish Hotel pictured above but I thought it was just unusual and spectacular enough to share with my fellow Office Freaks.

The Fish Hotel Fishbowl in White by Umbra®would make a gorgeous addition to any office or room.

Watching fish is unbelievably relaxing and if that’s not called for in offices, I don’t know where it is called for.  Sorry, I’ve had one of those weeks.  Could you tell?

This unique Fish Hotel Fishbowl by Umbra can be stacked to create a hotel effect for your fish or can stand alone as a unique conversation piece.


  • Outer Material: ABS Plastic Outer Shell
  • Inside Square: Glass
  • Design by Teddy Luong
  • Fishbowl can be stacked to create a hotel effect
  • Inner square is removable for cleaning
  • Can also be used for plants, candles, or storing small accessories
  • Size: 7 1/2”square x 8”deep

Little turtles would also be kind of cute in these wouldn’t they? I love these to distraction, but our cat, Alexa, is… how should I say… gluttonous.   I’m afraid she’d stay up at night figuring out ways to get to the best fish dinner she ever had.

However, I can totally see great little plants – great little inedible plants that wouldn’t interest el gato grande whatsoever.

Click through the image above or the link (also above) to take a closer look.  This is one of the coolest things I’ve come across in a long time.  What an amazing Christmas gift it’d make!  I’m pretty sure it’s on Alexa’s list. Alexa will often get between me and the computer screen (like she’s doing in the pic below) and stare at me until I give her a few of her treats or a full on meal.

A few minutes ago, she tried a similar approach on my husband and he missed the boat entirely.  He just said, “Hi, baby” and went to take a shower.  Men.

Alexa “When do we eat” Sigers

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