Desktop Zen Garden: Great Gift Idea for Co-Workers AND Your Own Psyche

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Instant Relaxation for the Office... Even on Mondays...

Desktop Zen Garden

Many moons ago, I had a desktop zen garden, kind of  like the one pictured above, and LOVED it. It wasn’t as big as this one but there was something distinctly satisfying and relaxing about combing the sand with the miniature rake. I’m not sure why, but it has a distinct soothing effect on your psyche.

Who doesn’t need that between 9 and 5?!

  • The Deluxe Sand Garden is a version of the traditional Japanese meditative garden done in miniature, suitable for home or office.
  • The garden is contained in a handsome 9-inch by 9-inch rosewood frame, perfect for desk or coffee table.
  • The sand garden set includes a long-handled rake, a bamboo rake and a broom to create meditative patterns in the sand.
  • Two ceramic cranes and assorted polished stones provide visual interest and a counterpoint to the garden’s serene patterns.
  • Great gift idea for office workers (at home or away)
  • Ideal for high school or college students
  • Includes wooden tray, long-handled rake, bamboo rake, broom
  • Two ceramic cranes, white sand and assorted polished rocks
  • 64 page meditation booklet included

See  desktop zen garden for more information – there are other varieties available.. and they’re all gorgeous!

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