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Now that’s what I call a desk organizer! The Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer lets you organize your entire desk. This tabletop unit can hold envelopes, printer paper, pens, paper clips, memo pads, note pads, accessories and then some.

I prefer open organizers, so I can see what it is I’m going after.   While closed organizers are equally handsome, each drawer or door is kind of a mystery until I open it.  Without fail, it takes several attempts to find just the right compartment. While the building anticipation is a coolish distraction from work, it’s also a waste of valuable time.

An open office/desk organzier like the one shown here is a MUCH better solution to office and desk clutter.

This particular organizer is available on Target.com and qualifies for free shipping.  Whoot! This gal loves free shipping.

When you click through the link or the picture for a closer look, be sure to check out the other great office supplies, furniture, organizers, and so forth that Target has. It’s like a virtual office supply store and you KNOW how that turns an Office Freak on.

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