Desk Calendar for Doodlers – Because Coloring is Better than Stressing

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2017 Desk Calendar for Doodlers
The 2017 Mini Desk Pad Calendar might as well have my name all over it. I’m a doodler extraordinaire – especially when I’m  thinking or mulling things over. The cool thing about this desk pad is that it isn’t gigantic like a lot of desk calendars (leaving little room for necessities like coffee and chocolate). It’s the perfect size AND provides basically a stress-reducing mental playground for office freaks.

Yes please.

  • Coloring is a fun, proven way to Help reduce stress, anxiety and provides a calming effect.
  • One month and New design on each sheet, one block per day, with yearly calendar at the bottom of each sheet.
  • Reinforced chipboard backer, punched with three Holes that fits neatly in a binder
  • Tear-off sheets to display your art, bound at top
  • 50% recycled post-consumer paper preserves the environment by cutting down less trees and vegetable oil-based ink. FSC certified.

The beautiful  2017 Mini Desk Pad Calendar is less than $10 on Amazon and, if you act NOW, you can even have it by Christmas.

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