Deliciously Unique LED Desk Lamp

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Perfect for the Green and/or Whimsical Office

LED Desk Lamp

The fun, colorful, and Highly Unique LED Desk Lamp pictured here is available on Amazon and might just be the cutest lamp I’ve ever seen.

  • Dimmable touch LED table lamps: 3-Level adjustable brightness desk lamp through touch sensor switch
  • Eye-Care LED lamp: natural LED light, eye friendly, no flickering, and no ghosting protects your vision and reduces eye fatigue
  • Rechargeable USB light: built-in rechargeable lithium battery, cycle charge led lighting, long life of working
  • Highly flexible neck desk lights: you can twist the led desk lamp to different heights and angles, an excellent combination of lighting and decorating

Although the lamp is available in many different colors, the only ones that truly make sense are the dark green and green.

I mean… a purple plant? Probs not.

Click through for more pictures of the  Highly Unique LED Desk Lamp. Talk about a conversation piece!

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