Alexa and “Fred Bird”
My name is Joi (“Joy”) and office supplies just flat out do it for me. I’m a wife, mother (humans and cats), web publisher, chocoholic, baseball fanatic (I pretty much live for St. Louis Cardinals baseball), history buff, and coffee drinker extraordinaire.

I work, full-time, from home in my own colorful home office. My supervisor? That’s her pictured above.

For the office supply blog I lovingly call Office Freaks, I am often sent products to review.  People don’t send me products to procure kind words – they’re far too cool and on the up and up for that.  They send me products for me to review and tell my readers exactly what I think of them.  I do just that.

If I test something and don’t like it – I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to tell you so.  The thing is… almost without fail… people with great products know they have greatness on their hands, so they’re the ones bold enough to risk reviews from coffee-chugging bloggers who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

Furthermore, I’d like to be up front about the other products I highlight in posts.  Usually (though not always) these are affiliate products that have caught my eye from a store or online shop that I believe would interest you as well.  It’s entirely up to you if you want to click through to learn more about or purchase the product.  When a visitor does click through and purchase something I’ve recommended (and it was an affiliate link), I do get compensated.

It’s how I make a living.  If I just wrote my blogs without seeking an income from them, the people at Starbucks would forget my name.  We cannot have that! Besides, I have to feed my gaudy number of beautiful cats, right?

I can promise you this, however.  I would never recommend anything that I, myself, wouldn’t want.

To contact me, please feel free to use my personal e-mail, joisigers @ anytime.  I hope you’ll also connect with me on another one of my obsessions in life, the Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by Office Freaks, I hope you’ll be a regular guest! – Joi (“Joy”)