3 IT Infrastructure Changes That Will Save You A Fortune

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Like every other business owner, you’re probably finding the various expenses needed to keep your business running to be a little taxing. One of the hardest things about managing a company’s finances is finding ways to avoid breaking your budget, all the while making sure that your workers have everything they need to succeed. One of the areas you should always be looking to save money on is your IT infrastructure. Here are a few great ways to cut costs, without having to make any major sacrifices.

Look into Refurbished Tech


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There are now many manufacturers offering refurbished workstations, and the same trend is beginning to take off when it comes to smartphones and laptops. Naturally, with the fast pace of technology these days, you’re going to be upgrading the tech at your business fairly regularly. When it’s time to do this next, consider the option of cleaning up and repurposing your current devices. Yes, this takes a little up-front investment, and means that some of your workers will have to make do with old, outdated hardware. However, the process of repurposing shouldn’t be that taxing to a good IT department, and can warrant some seriously significant savings in the long run.

Colocate your Data Centre


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Again, this could mean a pretty big overhaul at your company, and prices for colocation can often be a little heavy. However, there are several money-saving benefits to colocation which you need to consider as a business owner. One of the major differences is that a collocated data centre will reduce your costs for IT management. You’ll no longer have to pay for the staff and procedures needed to run your own, in-house data centre. You’ll also be able to enjoy a more predictable op-ex model, rather than having to keep on top of the massive expenses of building, maintaining and securing your own data centre. Furthermore, colocation companies are fiercely competitive with their level of service. In all likelihood, you’ll notice increased reliability and reduced downtime in all areas of your IT infrastructure. Getting by with no glitches and slip-ups is possible with a private data centre, but extremely difficult. Find out a little more about colocation, and it won’t take long to find a plan that’s perfect for your business.

Integrate a VoIP Interface

If you’ve been getting by with a more traditional business phone system, then it’s an indisputable fact that you’re paying too much for business comms! A VoIP system will allow you to communicate with different people and department just as you always have. The only difference is that you’re not going to have to pay those big phone bills! I’ve seen case studies of small businesses that have managed to save a massive 80% on their comms expenses. Even if your savings are only half of that, the investment will pay for itself incredibly quickly. Aside from the money you’ll save, VoIP systems are much more flexible and functional than traditional models. Check out some VoIP companies today, and find a plan that will mesh well with your business.

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