Sleek and Accommodating Metal Book Tower

I'll Take About 10, Thank You...

Metal Book Tower

Every so often I’ll come across something online that I don’t just WANT, I simply MUST HAVE. As in, “If this isn’t mine before the week’s out, there’ll be hell to pay.”

The SEI Metal Spine-Style Book Tower pictured here is the latest thing to hit me between the eyes.   Problem is, I don’t just want one of these for my home office, I can’t think of a room in my house I DON’T want one of these book towers.

I’m not just a book fanatic, I’m a book collector.  I collect…

  • cookbooks
  • books about Kentucky
  • books about Abraham Lincoln
  • books about the golden age of Hollywood
  • books about history
  • vintage books
  • Agatha Christie mysteries

Old books, new books, red books, blue books. So, yeah, I could conceivably have one of these book towers in every room of my house. What’s cool about this book tower is that it puts the books CLOSE by. It’s much more accommodating than a big bookshelf, which can sometimes be tough to position near a couch or favorite chair.

A sleek, great looking tower like this can fit into much cozier spots.

SEI Metal Spine-Style Book Tower  Features:

  • Contemporary book tower brings artful flair to any living space
  • Durable solid-metal construction; powder-coated silver finish
  • 11 sleek shelves offer space for books, DVDs, games, and more
  • Wide base provides sturdy foundation; some assembly required
  • Measures 14 by 16 by 55-1/4 inches

Love it, love it, love it.

Click through either image or the link above for more information.

Metal Book Tower

Ahhh-Mazing New York City Skyline Art Prints for the Office

Seriously, How Gorgeous Are These?

Office Wall Art: New York City Skyline

New York Architectural Photography, 31-Inch Colorized Black and White Photo Print of NYC Skyline (Above)

The gorgeous New York City Skyline art prints shown here are, without a single doubt, two of the most amazing prints I’ve laid my ogling eyes on. I love the colors, the attitude… the everything.

Click through either print or either link for a closer look.  These beauties would be just as gorgeous in a dorm, home office, or den.  Actually I can’t think of anywhere they wouldn’t command attention…

Office Wall Art: New York City Skyline

Unique Office Wall Art, 31-Inch New York Colorized Skyline Canvas Photo Print

Groovy Little Retro-licious Desk Lamp

Perfect for the Retro Office

Retro Table Lamp in Guacamole

The colors in the great looking  Retro Table Lamp Guacamole put me in a happy place. There’s an energy about this lamp that makes it a perfect fit for the office, dorm room, or home office.

You know, anywhere a little extra energy and pop would be welcome.

The colorful, patterned fabric shade sits atop a powder-coated silver pole and base. It’s just an all around perfect little lamp.

Click through the image or link for a closer look.

Quality Logo Products: Cool Gift Ideas for Everyone In Your Office

You're Going to Love These!

Deluxe Sticky Note Organizer

When you’re an office freak who spends as much time online as I do, few things are funner than coming across a new website that feeds your addiction.  The newest website to catch my eye is Quality Logo Products – fun stuff.

I’ve spotlighted a few of the coolest products for office employee, co-workers, and general office freaks in general. They’d make original and fun gifts for people around the office – or the home if (like me) you spend most of your life in your home office.

The number one thing I want from the website is pictured above. It’s the Deluxe Sticky Note Organizer and I haven’t seen anything quite like it.

Deluxe Sticky Note Organizer Description:

This organizer contains four 1-1/2″ x 1″ sticky notepads, multi-color sticky note flags in 8 colors and a 4-year removable calendar. With it, you’ll be able to color code your messages and notes like never before, with your important due dates and events recorded in the same place you keep your sticky notes. Not a single deadline will get past you!

Add your logo or slogan to this terrific office gift to make a real impact on offices all over your sales area. A perfect way to keep your company on the minds of office manages everywhere!

Having your logo printed on any of the handsome products from Quality Logo Products means they aren’t just GREAT gifts… they’re SMART gifts. Everyone’s a winner – the person who receives the cool gift AND you -because your logo gets to shine in the spotlight.

Other products include:

  • business card sleeves
  • notebooks
  • business card holders
  • padfolios
  • portfolios
  • tape measurers
  • gift sets
  • wallets
  • etc….

Honestly, the funnest part is going from page to page – picturing your logo or slogan printed on each of the items.   Check out Quality Logo Products  for yourself.

TriFolio Picture your Custom Logo or Slogan on This Handsome TriFolio!


High Back Executive Ergonomic Desk or Computer Chair

Comfortable, Handsome, and (VERY!) Reasonably Priced

High Back Leather Desk Chair


Everyone has certain things about desk chairs they feel strongly about – deal breakers, so to speak. Some people insist on high backs, some insist on leather, and some people refuse to even look at a chair unless it’s basic black.

As for me, my “deal breaker” is wheels.  I gotta be able to roll in a moment’s notice. I’m professional like that.

The handsome High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Desk Computer Chair  shown here would make a lot of our “wish lists” for desk chairs.   This leather chair has a high back, is basic black and, look… wheels for rolling around like the big shot you are.

It also has a “bonus” feature we’re all pretty wild about – a great price.

Click through the picture or link for more information.

Space-Saving Office Furniture at its Best: A Desk That Hangs on the Wall

Now They're Just Showing Off

  Floating Desk with Storage (Espresso)

Whether you work from a home office like me and one of my cats (the other’s a “trophy cat,” allergic to work) or work from a traditional office, managing your space is a constant concern. It seems like we never have enough room, doesn’t it?

Apparently someone decided to think, not only outside of the box, but off of the floor.

The desks you see here are the different colors available for the Prepac Floating Desk with Storage and I’m completely smitten.  They’re currently on sale on Amazon with savings around $60.

Floating Desk with Storage {White}


Apparently a lot of people are just as impressed as I am, as of right now, there’s only one of the white floating desks available. While it is gorgeous, I think my favorite one is the Espresso (shown at the top). Admittedly, it may be the name “Espresso” that makes me partial to it. The black floating desk (at the bottom) is also uncommonly handsome.   I guess it just depends on which one compliments the rest of your furniture.

Floating Desk Features:

  • Mount at any height with Prepac’s metal hanging rail system
  • Cable and wire management features keep your desk organized
  • Side compartments with two removable shelves each are ideal for speakers, electronic devices, books, photographs and other personal items
  • Store books, photographs and other items on the top shelf
  • Proudly manufactured in North America

Floating Desk Description:

Optimize your space with Prepac’s innovative and stylish wall mounted desk.  Perfectly suited for any home office, den, living room, kitchen or entryway.  The stable work surface is perfect for your computer or simply as a place to get your work done.  The side compartments and top shelf provide functional storage and visual appeal. Installation is a breeze with Prepac’s innovative metal hanging rail system. Proudly manufactured in North America using CARB-compliant, laminated composite wood.  Ships Ready to Assemble, includes an instruction booklet for easy assembly and has a 5-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Floating Desk with Storage {Black}

See Prepac Floating Desk with Storage or click through any of the pictures for more information.

House of Doolittle Desk Pad Calendar (Review)

No Office Should Be Without One

House of Doolittle Desk Calendar

In addition to the House of Doolittle Weekly Planner with Expense Log I was sent to review for Office Freaks, I was sent a House of Doolittle Desk Pad Calendar that I’ve fallen deeply in love with.

My husband has (for as long as I can remember) always had a desk calendar like the one shown here. I, personally, always preferred the weekly planners that I could carry throughout the house with me. Why I enjoy carrying them throughout the house with me is beyond me, but there you have it.

However, since I was sent the desk calendar shown here, I’ve become just as addicted to it as I am the weekly planner (yes, the one that goes for walks with me, wise acre).  No home office or ANY office, for that matter, should be without one of these big, brilliant desk pad calendars. You just cannot miss an appointment or overlook a task if it’s staring you right in the face.

With this desk calendar AND my weekly planner, I honestly feel more organized than I’ve ever felt in my life.

House Of Doolittle Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar w/Large Notes Section:

  • House Of Doolittle Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar w/Large Notes Section
  • Deep blue and gray printing set off blue simulated leather binding for a rich look.
  • Large section ruled for notes.
  • Full-year reference calendar makes planning easier.

As I said in my last review, House of Doolittle has a GREAT number and variety of weekly planners and desk calendars. There are colorful planners, black and white planners, gorgeous wall calendars… even a zebra print weekly planner (she’s a real looker).   The absolute best thing to do is to click through to’s website and check out their House of Doolittle Planners and Calendars department.  There are just too many for me to do them justice.

I can, however, tell you that I love both my desk calendar and weekly planner. In fact, I’d hate to think how scattered everything would be around my home office without them.  Actually, I don’t have to think too hard, I can remember – post it notes and index cards would be scattered everywhere, worn out notebooks would pile up… it’d be a hot mess, for sure.

If that sounds all too familiar, click through any of the links here and save yourself!

As I said in my last review, the opinions expressed in my reviews are all my own. I’m sent products to review by am not told what to say – or even encouraged to be positive! If I don’t like something I’m sent, I’ll let you know. Fortunately, most people who have great products are the ones who send them out for review. Confidence is a cool thing like that.

House of Doolittle Weekly Planner with Expense Log (Review)

Perfect Way to Corral and Organize Your World

House of Doolittle Weekly Planner with Expense Log

Few things excite an office freak more than receiving office supplies and office products in the mail. I must be living right, because I’ve gotten quite a few lately to review on the blog.

Yay, me!

These office supply reviews will be pouring out over the next few days, starting right now with this wonderful House Of Doolittle Weekly Planner w/Expense Log.  I’m loving the planner, as it’s keeping my thoughts and to do lists all tidy and organized. Unlike a lot of weekly planners, the House of Doolittle planners actually give you enough room to write out what you have done or will do as opposed to having to abbreviate everything! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out what you meant by something like “Com. t drt f M.”

I’ve stumped myself more than a few times.

House of Doolittle planners aren’t just more generous with the space provided for each day, they’re also exceptionally well-made and wont’ rip or get the dreaded “dog-eared” look midway through the year.

House of Doolittle Weekly Planner with Expense Log

The planner I was sent to review would be incredibly helpful for someone in need of tracking their expenses. Each week includes a space for money spent on…

  • meals
  • hotel
  • tips
  • parking
  • postage
  • phone
  • entertainment
  • auto
  • gas
  • misc.

I don’t track any of my expenses (you can ask my husband about that… nah, on second thought, don’t), so I’m actually using this space to track books I’ve read/want to read.

Product Details

  • House Of Doolittle Weekly Planner w/Expense Log
  • Ideal for business travel.
  • Expense/entertainment log aligned with each day.
  • Full seven-day appointment schedule.

Whenever I get a new Weekly/Monthly planner, the first thing I check out is the space allowed for each day (can you tell I have a phobia of not being allowed enough room to speak???). The next thing I check out is the “bonus babies” in the back.

I freaking love these!

You know, the Birthstones & Flowers info for birthdays, wedding anniversary gifts, travel tips, US Road Mileage, the time zone map, area codes, and metric conversions and weights & measures.  I use these handy dandy pages all year long.  You’d think they’d have taught metric conversions and weights/measures in school, wouldn’t you? Hmph.

In the back of this particular House of Doolittle planner, there’s even a section for Area Codes throughout the United States. Handy way to find out where a call’s coming from before you answer it, huh?

The House of Doolittle has just about any type of weekly/monthly planner you can think of on Just click the following link and take a look for yourself: House of Doolittle Planners and Calendars.

House of Doolittle Weekly Planner with Expense Log

This is a great looking and highly efficient planner and I know you’ll love it as much as I do. Be sure to visit for all the other House of Doolittle products – plus a LOT of office supplies, paper products, etc that you won’t find anywhere else at the great price.

P.S. By the way, yes I know. They did (and do) teach the Metric System and weights/measures in school. I just never caught what they tried to toss my way.  It’s not my fault, you know. I have an allergy to math. I break out in daydreams.

I’m frequently sent products to review on Office Freaks (like this great planner), but I am not told what to say. My words, my pictures, and my ramblings are all my own. If I weren’t impressed, I’d say so. Fortunately, House of Doolittle blows me away, so it’s all good.

Funny Coffee Mugs for the Office

One Way to Make Work Less Dark and Dire

Funny Office Coffee Mug Big Mouth Toys Anger Management Ceramic Mug

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but personally I think there’s more to it than that. Laughter is a sanity preserver. Without a sense of humor, your psyche isn’t going to survive this world.

Especially Mondays.

So, it only makes sense to add as much humor to your life and smiles to your day as humanly possible. I love to surround myself with things (and, let’s be honest, people) who make me smile until my face aches and laugh till people think I’ve snapped. My motto? All I’m after is a life filled with laughter!

The mugs in this post seem to have the same motto, so we hit it off right away. Each one is available on Amazon (you can find a lot more funny coffee mugs for work on their website)

Funny Coffee Mug for the Office

You May Speak Now Coffee Mug

We Recycle Office Coffee Mug

Prescription Coffee Mug

Office and Home Organizer: A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Well, That's the Game Plan Anyway...

Desk Organizer

If you’re like most of us, “Get more organized” is a frequent guest on your list of New Year’s Resolutions. And all goes well until… say… February 2nd. Then the desk is covered with paperwork, pens are scattered far and wide, and you’d need a GPS to find your to do list.

The problem isn’t a lack of willpower so much as it is a lack of “setting ourselves up for success.” Office organization – just like any other kind of organization – isn’t going to just magically happen. We have to make sure we’re armed with tools (folders, file cabinets, dividers, desk organizers, etc) that’ll help us get way past February 2nd. These

The Home & Office Multipurpose Organizer pictured above is just such an organizational tool.

This uncommonly handsome organizer has a top adjustable storage compartment for large size items, such as magazines, books, calendars, etc.  It also includes key hooks (3) which can be mounted on either side, making misplaced keys a thing of the past.

Roomy drawers allow you to keep up with stationery and other home/office items. Mail document slots marked by dates of the month are ideal for organizing bills, mail, etc.

Click through the link or image for more information!

See Desk Organizers on Amazon.

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