How to Design and Manufacture Your Own Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Over the last few years, I’ve been sent a lot of office supplies to test out – including plenty of furniture. Some of it is fantastic, but others can leave me a little cold. It gets me thinking – could I design some furniture, get it built and then sell it as a business? I’m nowhere near that stage yet, but perhaps some of you out there have some great ideas. If so, read on to find out everything I know about creating an office furniture product and selling it on the market.



Before getting started on any design aspects, you will need to do a lot of research. Start by jotting down a few of your ideas on paper and then checking online to see if there is anything similar. It’s important that you make your furniture different to anything else on the market – in essence, you have to bring something new to the table. People have to need your furniture, too. If there’s no market for a product, you won’t sell a single unit – it’s that simple. You also need to research the type of materials you need to create your chair –  and the associated costs. Finally, have a look around and find a manufacturing company that can turn your ideas into reality and make contact with them. Look for a firm that specializes in plastic injection moulding or has experience of creating office furniture. It’s good to talk, even at this stage, so that you can get a rough idea of some numbers.

Office Furniture 2


The design stage

If you have design skills and know your way around CAD software, then you can get started right away. Don’t panic if the DIY route doesn’t suit you, though. Product designers are everywhere these days, and all you need is an excellent brief so they understand what you want. It’s time to start thinking about the design of your furniture, and how it is going to stand out from the crowd. You will need a unique selling point whether it’s for posture, comfort, or even portability.


Create a business plan

Once you have a basic design in place, you need to think about drawing up a business plan. It’s going to be key to your efforts, as it will be the first time you consider all the figures and costs. At this point, it’s important to consider the type of product you are offering. Is it high quality? If so, perhaps you will only expect a few sales every month. Using cheaper materials? If so, you should be considering selling a lot of furniture at low prices.  Be realistic about your figures, as if you get them wrong, this whole operation is going to be an expensive mistake.

Office Furniture 3

Start marketing

Finally, it’s time to start the marketing process. In most cases, you will be better off focusing on marketing to people who can distribute your product, rather than individuals. You need to look at office supplies retailers, for example. This will give you a much better chance of getting the exposure you need to make plenty of sales.

Good luck – and let me know how you get on!

Fatal Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Today, starting and running a successful business is easier than ever. Economies all over the world are growing, and modern technology has made the world of business accessible to anyone with the internet and a skill. Things are looking good for entrepreneurs, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that running a business is easy! You obviously want your venture to be a success. In order to do this, you’ll need to make sure you’re avoiding all the pitfalls on your horizon. Here are some of the most common start-up mistakes, and how you can avoid them.


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Firstly, launching your business without a solid plan in place. Out of all the things you can do to prepare for your business, this is the most important. Even if you had ten times the amount of capital you do now, your business will be likely to fail if you’re not planning ahead with it. I assume your end goal is relaxing on a private island somewhere in the Caribbean, and leaving the company in the hands of a few trusted higher-ups. How are you going to get there though? You need to set some feasible and measurable goals for your business, in many different areas. These should cover your online conversions, your profit margins, as well as the launch of new products or services. With every little goal you set, have a strict time you want it completed by. Unfortunately, you won’t meet all of these. If you do, you’ll join a very exclusive demographic! Because of this, you need to keep the plan somewhat flexible, and have back-up plans in place for when things go wrong.


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Another big mistake is skimping out on your marketing. If I were to give one piece of advice to any new business owner, then it would be market yourself more than you have to. Marketing is a fiercely competitive business in itself, with countless firms stepping on each other to get the best clients. It’s also an incredibly fast-paced industry. Had you heard of SEO or social media marketing ten years ago? If you don’t put sufficient work into developing your marketing strategy, then you’ll be swallowed up by your competitors faster than you can imagine. Long before your business starts trading, take some time to develop a killer marketing strategy. Hone in on a very specific target audience, and find unique ways to appeal to that audience. This can take some experimentation and research, but when you know your customer well enough the rest writes itself. In your early days, make sure you’re spreading your marketing out across a few platforms. Try pretty much everything except telemarketing!

Although starting a business takes a certain degree of optimism, being too enthusiastic about your idea is a big mistake. You might have started your business simply to share your passion with the world. However, other people will have other ideas. Whenever you’re briefing employees, marketing to your customers, or pitching to investors, make sure you add a pinch of cynicism to the mix. They’re going to need something from you if you want them to get as excited as you are. If you’re hiring and firing employees at a rate you can’t afford, then pay more attention to your office environment. If sales and customer engagement are low, then run a promotion. If you’re being shot down consistently by other business owners, then refine your pitch to be less about you, and more about what you can do. It’s pretty easy for business owners to get carried away by their own ideas. With every significant step you take, make sure to consider other perspectives.


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Failing to mitigate risks at your business is another big thing which you have to avoid. Every business on earth faces a range of risks. Even corporate giants like Coca-Cola have been at the centre of viral scandals. Start-ups are at even more risk, so make sure you’re doing everything possible to mitigate the risks surrounding your industry.  Every company should have business insurance in some form or another. If you’re running an online store that stores customer information, then you need to make sure this is protected from cyber threats. On the other hand, if you’re running a small physical store, then you’ll need to take steps to prevent good-old-fashioned crime. Find a CCTV system online at to reduce threats like this. One of the biggest things you have to watch out for in 2016 is a social media scandal. If just one customer has a bad experience with your business, and they have a large enough following, then you’ll quickly be up to your neck in a PR disaster. You should also look into hiring a good corporate solicitor to help you through any legal troubles you might have. Look into the risks you’re facing right away!

Finally, ignoring criticism. As an entrepreneur myself, I know you better than you might think! Your business is already a global giant in your head, and the idea at the centre of it is the greatest thing to happen since the internet. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; not everyone shares your vision. It’s great to have faith in your business, but ignoring all the criticism you receive is a recipe for disaster. Sure, some people will pick at things which are completely solid. Never assume they’re solid though. If someone tells you you’re targeting the wrong market, then think about how well you fit into your current one. If your product is tacky or too elite to make sales, then talk to your R&D team about the next one. If your brand is forgettable, then consider scrapping it and starting from the drawing board. Asking advice from sheep-like “yes” men feels good, but it won’t keep your business growing!

As you plunge into the world of international business, make sure you keep aware of all these mistakes. If you can make it through your first year without any of them, then you’ll be doing better than countless competitors!

The Advanced Guide to Making Office Life Easier

The life of an entrepreneur is far from easy. They have to get up early, start working before 7 am, and try to get at least a few jobs done. But because they’re at the top of the company they get passed all the most difficult problems. And that means that even when they do have a bit of peace and quiet in the office, things are tough to resolve.

However, when the chaos starts as the day wears on, getting things done becomes more and more difficult. There are constant interruptions, meetings, and new crises. It all adds up to making running an office an all-consuming endeavor. If only it could be easier.

Well, fortunately, it can be. Here we’re going to discuss some of the ways that you can make doing business easier. Of course, it’s not a panacea. But you’re bound to find something that will help grease the wheels, so to speak.

Be Skeptical Of New Office Gadgets And Technology

If you’ve read anything about the business on the internet, you’ll have come across the idea that tech is vital to success. Entrepreneurs are being told that tech is the future of business. All companies will eventually be on the cloud, automating processes using AI and connected to the IoT. It’s a beautiful vision and something that will ultimately come to pass. But we’re not at that promised land just yet. In the meantime, we have to deal with technology that doesn’t work as seamlessly as we’d like. In fact, when it comes to tech today, there’s a lot of friction. Some have gone so far as to claim that it doesn’t make workers any more productive.

Office Life


The time spent answering emails and taking calls could be better spent doing work. Until we get bots that can respond to emails for us, it’s a good idea to switch off for a while. Experts like Barry Izsak recommend as much. They say that it’s a good idea to have a bit of time off, first thing in the morning when we focus on priority tasks. After they’re done, and only after they’re done, should you open up the email floodgates.

Make Your To-Do List Realistic

Entrepreneurs tend to be supremely busy people. As a result, many plan out a to-do list in advance of the coming day to make sure they get their work done. But here’s where problems start creeping in. Many to-do lists of entrepreneurs are unrealistic. They’re more like a wish list shopping basket than something that can be achieved in reality. When the to-do list is too long or impossible, entrepreneurs either work too long or get frustrated. Plus, having a very long to-do list means that a lot of entrepreneurs don’t get all their jobs done. That is, they don’t get the jobs done that are most important to the business.

There’s an easy way to change this. Pick three key tasks that you want to complete every day and stick to that. These should be priority tasks: things that actually move the business forwards. Once these are done, that’s when you have some latitude to work on other projects.


Stick With A Single Message, And Make It Loud

A lot of entrepreneurs are sophisticated, multi-dimensional people. And for many, this is reflected in their companies. But here’s the problem. This isn’t what the market wants from their businesses. They don’t have to have to trawl through detailed product descriptions to find what they want. And they don’t want to read essays on the company’s branding, vision or range of services. What they want is something that is straightforward and easy to remember.

Thus, even if you are a sophisticated entrepreneur, it’s vital to keep the business simple. One key takeaway message is all that customers need to keep coming back and using your brand. This means making all your advertising across all your platforms consistent. Whether you advertise by mail, through catalogs, online, via SMS or whatever, the marketing should be the same.


Outsource What Needs To Be Outsourced

Entrepreneurs like to think that they can do everything themselves, and they don’t need outside help to run their businesses. But business is an ecosystem. And often it’s far more convenient for businesses to use the services of other firms than go it alone.

Concierge services, like those at Skypax, take the hassle out of delivering parcels internationally. And services, like web hosting and cloud computing, mean that you don’t have to do all of your IT in-house.

Of course, the range of outsourcing options is almost limitless. But a good rule of thumb is to choose to outsource the stuff that’s time-consuming that you’re not very good at. What’s more, because you’re dealing with outside companies, you can expect excellent service. Companies want to provide a great service to keep your business. So, more often than not, outsourcing is a win-win.

Be Clear About Your Boundaries In And Out Of The Office

All too often, entrepreneurs learn the hard way about boundaries. They start with an open-door policy, but soon this turns into a kind of managerial anarchy. Every five minutes there is some kind of interruption, meaning that they never get a chance to take a break or resolve a problem. Does this sound like you?

There is a solution, but it requires that you assert yourself. You need to make it clear to your colleagues that you have to have at least half an hour a day undisturbed. And you should make clear when is and when isn’t your family time.


Cut Out The Unnecessary Staff Meetings

Staff meetings are a significant drain on the amount of time that your employees have to work on problems. Most entrepreneurs rationalize this by arguing that the business gains more from staff meetings than it loses. But is this true? The evidence right now suggests that many companies are actually wasting time in endless series of office meetings. Surveys suggest that about three-quarters of executives doubt the effectiveness of the meetings they attend. And another two-thirds complained that meetings were simply a waste of time.

Office Workers

The good news is that a lot of business gurus are now making the argument that office meetings aren’t all that necessary. In fact, some have gone so far as to suggest that companies cut out formal meetings altogether. Many businesses have reverted to spontaneous peer-to-peer meetings. Others just operate open text chat rooms that allow people to communicate with the whole group.

Upgrade The Office Accounting System

Accounting can be heavy on paperwork and heavy on cost. But in the digital age, it needn’t be. Software accounting is one of the fruits of digital technology that you should embrace. Most forward -thinking businesses now use accounting software. It makes accounting far easier than ever before, reduces accounting fees and calculates tax. There are lots of products out there, like MAS 90 and Enterprise. And they all have roughly the same functionality.

But perhaps the most important reason for having great accounting software is the fact that it protects you from audits. You never know when an audit might strike, and so having a clear digital record prevents coming to blows with the taxman. This is more important than it might sound, especially if you have employees. Tax codes are horrendously complicated. And so automating the process offers some much-needed peace of mind.

Invest In VoIP

Most offices are inundated with calls. Phone ring all day long, and it can really play havoc with productivity. But that doesn’t need to be the case with new VoIP systems. For one, these systems mean that you don’t have to integrate a separate traditional phone line into your systems. You can just conduct your business over the internet. That’s one less bill to worry about come the end of the month.

But VoIP also allows you to automate some or all of your phone services. There’s no point having your staff answer the same customer questions over and over again. And so if some questions keep coming up, either address them at the source or use VoIP to do it automatically.

Use Automatic Late-Payment Reminders


As any small business owner knows, late payment reminders are a hassle. In the old days, companies used to send out reminders by post. And that means higher bills and more office space dedicated to paperwork. Now, though, you don’t have to do it this way. In fact, these days you don’t have to be involved in sending out late reminders at all. Automating the entire process is possible.


Hre’s what to do. Look at your accounting software and see if there’s an option to send reminders if payments haven’t been made. Then automate these reminders to send to clients when invoices are upcoming, are a day late, or are a week late. If possible, get the system to tell you automatically when a customer is running very late. That way you’ll know when to call them in person.


Automate These 3 Things At Your Business


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When you first started your business, you probably wanted to have a hands-on approach to everything. You may have been the sole employee of the venture, or the person who always keeps things together. Once your company grows enough, you’ll need to drop this approach. You’ll need a way to streamline and automate your business if you want to stay competitive against bigger fish. Here are some important ways to do this.


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First of all, your logistics. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company, there’s a fair chance that you have a warehouse as part of your whole venture. Just because the customer can’t see into your warehouse doesn’t mean you can go on neglecting it! If you put off automating your warehouse and logistics, you could end up dealing with a lot of costly errors. Right now, leaving it alone may be constricting and limiting your whole operation, so don’t wait around too long! There are many companies such as SSI Schaefer Storage & Distribution that offer gear and solutions for automating warehouse processes. Further training for your management should also be part of the process.


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Marketing analytics is another thing you should really consider automating. This might sound like a fairly trivial part of everything that you do. However, think about it for a second. Consider the time it takes to log in and out of all those accounts before you even touch Google Analytics. It all adds up, whether you like it or not! This is another thing that could be shaved down and made a lot more efficient in your business. Instead of having to hop from page to page, you could streamline all your different analytics into one business dashboard. Companies like Cyfe offer programs which shows you conversion figures from several different monitoring tools. This means you’ll be able to fit your analytics into short, brief periods, and invest more time into other important processes.


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Finally, your customer support. Remember that your customers are the most important people to your business. Without them, your operation could quickly cease to exist! If you’re doing everything as well as your competitors, then your standard of customer service could also be a huge factor in making you stand out from the crowd. Automating customer service can be tough, but there are ways of doing it. You could set up some kind of community to encourage the creation of user-generated content. This will still take some input from you, but you’ll be amazed at how involved some of your customers will get! At the very least, you should be setting up an FAQ and knowledge base on your company website. Remember that no one enjoys going out of their way to get good customer service. If you can make the answers accessible from the start, your customer service will become much more efficient.

There you have just three great ways to automate your business. My final piece of advice; don’t sit around! The more you can automate at your business, the faster you’ll be able to develop other areas.


Here’s What Every Successful Business Really Needs

Starting out in business can always feel risky. There are so many variables at play and so many obstacles to your success. Sometimes, all you can do is keep going and hope for the best! But there are a few ways you can improve your chances of success for your business. It’s not all down to luck at all. Instead, it requires a few essential ingredients to make sure you are fully equipped to deal with the highs and the lows of running your business:


Every successful business is impenetrable. That is, at least, across their IT systems. If you handle any customer or employee data, you must make sure of that. You may use a big IT firm to help keep your systems up and running. Or it may be a simpler network that merely relies on regular password changes. Having a secure IT system will save you a lot of headaches as you start to grow your business. Most importantly, it will ensure your company is operating within the law.


As you begin to hire more staff, you need to be certain they will deliver the results you need. After all, if their efforts within the business fail to increase profits by the value of the employment package, it would be foolish to keep them on! As you recruit more and more people, you will begin to need the assistance of an HR specialist. You can find some employment law advice from Peninsula Group. It’s essential you have someone on hand to help you navigate the legal requirements of hiring and firing.

Pic 1

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Customer Service

Without excellent customer service, your company will soon flounder. Taking care of your customers is essential if you want them to keep coming back to you. And if you fail to do this, chances are they’ll let a few thousand people know about it when they take their gripes to social media. It can be difficult to find the best customer service staff. However, when they are trained and effective, your business can offer its customers the best after-sales care in your sector.

Online Presence

It’s true that every company should now have an online presence. The first place people go to when they hear or see something is one of the big internet search engines. Make sure your website is search engine optimized so you can reap the rewards of customer curiosity online. Make the most of all the social media platforms. Post instructional videos on YouTube, and keep customers up to date with offers on FaceBook. Most importantly, communicate! Acknowledge and respond to conversations across your platforms.

Marketing Strategy

Your online presence may be just a small part of your marketing strategy, or it may be a central part of it. Understanding your target market will help you devise the best plan of action and campaigns to reach them. It’s not easy, and you may need a specialist company to help you here. But your marketing strategy should be an essential part of your overall business plan. It should be goal oriented and target driven. Your marketing campaigns should be measurable and provide a good return on investment.

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Working Environment

You and your staff need a good working environment to be happy, healthy, creative and effective in your roles. It needs to be geographically placed to be convenient for transport links and local amenities. You need to the right equipment like printers, computers, conference rooms, and telephones. Natural light and air, and a good space for breaks and meals is essential. This will help you all stay healthy and become more productive. Best of all, it should be the center for fostering some great working relationships.  


It’s not just the CEO that runs the whole business. Leadership roles exist throughout your company. The team leaders must be effective as leaders rather than dreaded as bosses. Regular training and support will help them become the excellent bosses they want to be. Leading a new team or stepping in to take on an established team is really hard to do. It’s important you lead by example. Why not provide mentoring opportunities to nurture excellence throughout your business?

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Building your brand is not easy to do. It needn’t cost you a lot, but you may need to spend some considerable time developing it. A good logo as a symbol or icon of your company and what it stands for is essential. This is often best left to a professional Graphics company to take on. It won’t be complicated, but it does need to be right! Next, you need to focus on brand awareness. The only way people will become more aware of your brand is if it is out there where they are. And they need to know what that icon represents! Does it mean a particular product or service? Does it represent budget or luxury? Once you’ve got that brand to be easily identifiable, you need to keep it positive in the eyes of the public.


Make contacting your business simple for customers to do. Make your products simple to use. And make your company motto simple too. Complicated ideas are just confusing. Your customers are busy people. They don’t have time to unravel riddles. Give them what they want when they need it. Keep your pricing structure simple, and make ordering as easy as possible. Simplicity in what you do and what you provide can be elegant and desirable.

Product or Service

Here it is. The one thing that every business believes they have but can often be so wrong about. A good product or service is essential to your survival as a company. If it isn’t good, it won’t be desirable. Sure, customers may fall for your fancy marketing campaigns. But when the product or service doesn’t live up to their expectation, you’re in for a lot of bad PR. And bad PR can destroy a company. Get the product right, make the service great, and your customers will come back for more.


Success in business relies on many factors. Some may be out of your control like economic downturns, or political unrest. But those in this article are key to your success. Ensure your business can be as successful as you want it to be today.

3 Ways To Bring Your Branding Into The Office

Office Chairs

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When we think of branding, we tend to think of logos, stationery, and packaging. However, it is much more than this. Put simply; it signals what a customer can expect from a product or service. It must, therefore, encompass your ideals and ethos.

Branding should be consistent throughout your business, and this includes your premises.

  1. First Impressions – Outside

If customers visit your office, then it needs to be well signposted. Ensure your logo, slogan, and name are included prominently outside the premises. If possible, your contact details should also be listed. Therefore, passersby can make a note of your details for future reference.

For many customers, the exterior of your office will form the first impression of your business. Ensure it is a good one. If paintwork is old and crumbling, take steps to rectify it. If surrounding gardens need some TLC, make sure they receive it. Each morning, do a quick sweep of the area. Pick up and dispose of any litter. Ensure the area is swept and clean.

  1. First Impressions – Inside

What is the first thing that clients see as they enter your reception area? Ensure the area is clean, tidy, and professional before you open each day. Hire a professional cleaning crew to take charge of this.

Office Branding

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Take a leaf out of the professionals’ book. Companies like deBretton specialize in commercial fit-outs, including lobbies. They find innovative ways to incorporate branding. Think like an expert, and find ways to showcase your company’s brand. There are countless ways to achieve this.

Start with the basics by incorporating your business’ logo and colors. This could be reflected in the paintwork. Or, you could introduce subtle accents.

Think carefully about the message you want to convey when clients enter your office. For example, if you’re a web designer your message could be about cutting edge design. Or it could be about color or style. If the locality is significant, this could be reflected in the artwork.

How clients are greeted is also important. If your company is corporate, then the greeting will be more formal. If you have a smart-casual vibe, then you may adopt a less formal approach. Either way, keep it professional. Ensure clients are looked after. If they have to wait, provide a comfortable seating area with reading materials. Again, this should relate to your work and industry.

  1. Common Areas

Your branding and ethos should be evident throughout the office, especially in common areas. These areas include meeting rooms, eating areas, and staff areas. Logos are the obvious choice but try and think out of the box. There are lots of other ways you can demonstrate who you are. For example, if are a young, innovative company you should demonstrate this.


Office Branding 2

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It should be evident through the furniture and how this aids interaction. If your business is all about ideas, the environment should reflect this. You may have lots of break-out areas, comfortable seating, mobile tech, etc. You may even opt for an office environment where staff can play pinball or ping-pong during breaks. The design will be two-fold. It will aid the creative process and also demonstrate what kind of a company you are.


Branding is often about going back to basics. It’s about determining who you are and how you want to be perceived. Don’t just conform to accepted norms. Break the mold and be innovative and original.

The Secrets To A Great Office Printer

The printer is an essential office supply. Every office, in every country, needs to have one. Of course, there are loads of options out there for the modern consumer. So, how do you ensure that your buy a great office printer? Below are some key things to consider before you purchase one:




The size of your office printer is very important. You need to get something that doesn’t take up too much room. If you have a massive thing in a small office, then it will make the place feel cramped. These days, you can get great office printers that don’t take up too much room. Back in the day, you were restricted to massive things that were taller than most children! But, if you have a tiny office, then you can get one that sits on a desk and functions brilliantly. Obviously, if you have enough space, then a big one is a good choice for you. Typically, larger printers have greater functionality.


Slow printers are a serious problem for busy offices. If you need lots of things printed out, then you want it to happen fast. You can’t afford to waste time standing around waiting for sheets to print. So, speed is highly necessary when you’re looking for an office printer. Find something that’s capable of printing out multiple sheets in a short space of time. Remember, it won’t just be one person that needs sheets printed. There will be many people that need many sheets, throughout the day. Buy a slow printer, and your productivity will suffer. 


You want your office printer to be as efficient as possible. This means that it doesn’t use up too much ink and isn’t wasting any energy. There are lots of printers that come with ‘eco’ modes these days. This is a setting that allows you to lose less energy and be more efficient. There are also things like Managed Print Services that help you be more efficient with your printing. If you combine a service like this with an eco-friendly printer, then you’ve hit the jackpot.


Although you’re looking for a printer, you also want the device to do other things. It can save you a lot of money if your printer has multiple functions. For example, it should be able to photocopy and scan documents too. For me, every office printer needs these features. No one should be buying a separate scanner and photocopier in this day and age.






Obviously, the cost is going to be a huge factor when looking for a great office printer. You have to find one that fits within your budget. Although it’s an essential office supply, you shouldn’t spend too much on it. My advice is to look for a trusted brand and then find a printer within your budget.

Make sure you take all five of these things into consideration. If you do, then it will help you find the printer of your dreams. Your office will be highly efficient, and printing woes will be a thing of the past.

An Award-Winning Office is Just a Few Steps Away

The office is one of the key parts of your startup because it can affect productivity and efficiency. It also plays a role in the aesthetic appeal of the company. So, you need to look at how you can turn yours into an award-winning office. And here are some of the things you can do to achieve this.

Office Decorating

Make it Spacious

There’s nothing worse than an office that’s really cramped and small. People are all working on top of one another, and it’s hardly conducive to a happy and productive workforce. So, you need to make sure the office is as spacious as possible. This might mean rearranging the layout, getting rid of a lot of clutter, or, it could even mean a refit. It’s important to consider what you can do to make the office as spacious as possible.

Meeting Rooms

Think about all the features a great office should have to appeal to clients and workforce alike. You need to present a professional and well-organised office, and that means it has to meet your business needs. So there need to be plenty of meeting rooms within the office. Try to fit in as many as you can because they are really useful. You’ll be able to use them for team meetings, as well as meeting with clients.


It’s essential that there is plenty of furniture in the office. This means for working and relaxing purposes. Take a look at the layout of the office and think about the furniture that is absolutely essential. You’re going to need desks and chairs in order for people to be able to work effectively. It’s important to think about things like board room tables and chairs, as well as furniture for the lobby. But, it might also be worth thinking about providing a sofa and armchair in the staff room for relaxation purposes.

Storage Space

All offices need to utilise practicality as much as possible. And that’s why you have to make sure you have plenty of storage space. You need cupboards, shelving units, cabinets, and maybe even a warehouse. You’re going to have to store stock, files, equipment, and much more. So make sure there is plenty of storage space within the office. If you have to make modifications to achieve this, then do it because it will be worth it!

Artwork and Additions

It’s also important to add some life and character to the office. It might be a place of work, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s dull and boring and grey. By injecting some flair into the office, you breathe new life into the business. People are going to take note and will feel much happier about being in the office. So, you might think about getting some artwork for the walls of the office. Or you may consider other features like a fountain or a fish tank. Essentially, you want to look for anything that’s going to make the place more exciting.

How would you like to turn your workplace into an award-winning office? Well, the best way to do this is to consider what an office needs and to make the changes accordingly. You need to have a great office because this is your business headquarters. It’s important to make your office as great as possible because it reflects your business.

Bring Competitive Advantage to Your Brand Today!

In this day and age, it’s essential to give yourself an edge over your rivals. You need to try to stay competitive as much as you possibly can. And these are some of the best ways for you to go about doing this.

Be a Step Ahead

It’s important to think ahead and be innovative in business. You have to try to predict trends, and take action before anyone else does. If you can beat your rivals to the punch with something, you’re going to achieve a lot of success. Think about the first companies to discover the benefits of social networking for businesses. This is the kind thing that you need to look out for and try to implement for your brand. If you can stay a step ahead of your rivals, you’re going to have that edge, and you will always be able to enjoy success.




Secure Top Talent

When you think about what makes your company a success, the staff play a huge role. And, knowing that, you need to ensure you secure top talent for the brand. The very best staff are out there, you just might need a bit of help finding them. This means you need to find a renowned recruitment agency to run an executive search for you. Find a company who always look to discover the best talent and set you up with them. This is a really important part of the process of gaining a competitive edge over your rivals.

Professional Image

You have to understand how important it is to have a professional image. People need to look at you as being a safe bet and a reputable company. To gain competitive advantage, you have to make sure you a professional at all times. This includes the way you and your staff present yourselves, as well as the way you conduct business. You have to pay a lot of attention to how your business looks because the fact is that it matters. People will judge you on the way you present yourself and your company. And it can be very difficult to change bad impressions. A professional business image helps make you much more competitive and successful.

Switch Offices

Sometimes you can give yourself an advantage just by the offices you choose to use. Think about how much you use your office, and how it can benefit your company. By switching offices, you might be able to make the business more efficient and practical. And this will help you to satisfy more clients and take on more work. Think about the benefits of moving to a much larger and trendier office. You’re going to wow clients when they come in for meetings. And you will impress your staff and boost their morale. This gives you a competitive edge and helps the business grow.

If you can ensure your company has a competitive advantage, you’re going to flourish. It’s so difficult to achieve market share and make a name for yourself in this competitive era. And that’s why you have to do everything you can to try to give yourself an edge. If you can do this effectively, you should have no issues becoming a success.

Mini Fan Makes it (Somewhat) Easier to Keep Your Cool

Perfect for the Office, Dorm, Home Office, Workplace, Yard....

Portable Mini Fan for the Office or Dorm
The Mini USB Portable Fan makes it easier to keep your cool in the office, home, or dorm.  Available on Amazon for less than $20, you might want to grab two – one for home and one for away!

During summer, I spend almost as much time in my yard as I do in my home office. This little guy will make my hot days of summer infinitely more enjoyable.

  • PORTABLE- So small, you can easily carry it in a bag.
  • CARRY it anywhere! Perfect for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • ADJUSTABLE 3 SPEEDS-The portable fan speed can be adjusted among low, medium, high according to your demands. While it keeps low noise level even at the highest speed.
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery?included) or by being connected with a USB cable (also included)
  • High energy efficiency-When the battery is charged full, 2-10 Hours long working time.

See  Mini USB Portable Fan for a closer look. (See other colors and styles of Mini Portable Fans below).

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