The Ultimate Guide to Renting the Right Office Space

For many small and medium-sized business owners, the need to move from a cramped home office to a leased space is a sure sign that they’re moving forward and flourishing into something more than just a small outfit. Whether it is the hiring of new employees or the growing roster of clients or investors, the expansion of a small company will bring the need for the purchase or rental of an efficient, functional and productive working environment.

As the need for rented office space dramatically increases, so too does the amount of options that are available, so how can you be sure that you’re getting a good deal?

Let’s take a look at just three of the important points that should be taken into consideration when it comes to renting appropriate office space for your business needs.

Think Modestly
Small business owners don’t have a clear vision of what their company will look like in five years time, and their real estate choices should reflect that. When the time comes to wave good-bye to your home office and rent a Furnished office in Bracknell on, it’s always best to think modestly. Yes, it might be tempting to ‘think big’ and want a huge office space that screams modernity and extravagance, but now is really not the best time to think this way.

When choosing an appropriate office space to rent, it’s a good idea to choose a landlord or rental company that offers many different kinds and sizes of spaces so that the growing needs of your business can be properly catered for.

Consider Clustering
In some cases, there are many advantages to be obtained from setting up shop near businesses that are very similar, if not identical, to your own. A phenomenon known as ‘clustering,’ many businesses are now seeing the numerous benefits that can be achieved from collaborations and side-by-side competition.

Given the said benefits of clustering, there are a number of obvious downsides to it. When it comes to renting a fully furnished office space for your business needs, you have to decide whether clustering would be helpful or hurtful to the success of your business.

Do your Homework
As with most important business decisions, carrying out the necessary research is a fundamental part of making the right choice when finding an office space. Before signing any lease, you must take the time to find out who is responsible for the internal and external maintenance and repair of the building. You must also ensure that the property has the right classification for your business and that it meets all fire, and health and safety regulations.

Make a shortlist of the options that are available to you and consider the costs that are involved with each option and what provisions are provided for that price. Doing your homework and putting in a little effort in at the beginning could end up saving you a lot of money and hardship in the long run.

Choosing the right office space for your business could prove to be a deciding factor in its overall success, which is one of the many reasons why this is a decision that should not be made hastily.

The above article was written by a contributor, not by “Joi.”

Pen Lovers’ Set for Coca-Cola Lovers

Love, Love, Love These...

Coca-Cola Assorted Drinks Pen Set
The Coca-Cola Assorted Drinks Pen Set, pictured above, is a little too cute for its own good. Deliciously cute, even. If you (or someone on your gift list) loves pens AND loves Coca-Cola, you’re looking at a must have.

Click through the link or picture for more information.

Why am I suddenly dying for a Coke Zero???

More Office Supplies for Coca-Cola Lovers:

Coca-Cola Assorted Drinks - Mini Notepad Set
Enjoy Coca-Cola Notebook 7x9"

Click through the images for a closer look at the mini notebooks and the Coca Cola notebook.

A.T. Cross Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set with Gold Accents

PERFECT Gift Idea for Anyone You Want to Impress!

A.T. Cross 250105 Classic Century Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set  Black/23 Kt. Gold Accents

For a straight up pen fanatic, like me, the A.T. Cross Classic Century Ballpoint Pen and Pencil Set with/23 Kt. Gold Accents, pictured here, would be a Chirstmas gift to end all Christmas gifts.

Perfect for office co-workers, this set is even highbrow enough for the boss. It’d also make an especially nice (and useful) gift for your favorite student.

Actually, it’s ideal for anyone you want to impress – because it’s certain to leave an impression.

Click through the link above for more information and to take a closer look.

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Derek Jeter Posters for the Office or Home

Reminding Us That Respect is Earned, not Demanded

New York Yankees - Jeter Retirement

New York Yankees…
Buy This at
I think all of us who are baseball fans were Yankees fans this past year. Derek Jeter’s last game in front of his home crowd was emotional, magical, and absolutley perfect. A perfect ending to a perfect career.

Derek Jeter reminds us all that respect is earned. It’s not demanded with cockiness, loudness, or arrogance. It’s earned by years of doing the right thing and a reputation for working hard.

Congratulations on an epic career, Derek Jeter.

Derek Jeter New York Yankees
Derek Jeter New…

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Apr 7, 2014, Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees - Derek Jeter
Apr 7, 2014,…
Rob Tringali

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Apr 7, 2014, Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees - Derek Jeter
Apr 7, 2014,…
Rob Tringali
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Great Looking Desk Organizer from Rubbermaid

Office Organization is Possible After All!

Rubbermaid Desk Organizer
A lot of the office supplies, organizers, decorations, etc I write about on Office Freaks make me say, “Want, want, want!” – but the Rubbermaid 12-Slot Organizer, 21W x 11 3/4″”D x 16″”H, Black (1738583) shown here makes me scream an emphatic, “NEED! NEED! NEED!”

If you could see the state of affairs around my desk, you’d agree.


  • Versatile organizer features a sturdy black metal frame with composite wood top and base
  • 10 removable black shelves and plastic tabs for labeling each slot
  • Removable shelves allow for customization and storage of taller items
  • Organizer units are stackable
  • 21.14 x 15.98 x 11.88 Inches

So, you’re telling me it’s beautiful AND capable of organizing all my ‘ish?!

Okay, upgrade my NEED to MUST HAVE.  Click through the link or image for a closer look.

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How to Create a Work Space that Works for You

Office Space

With more and more people working from home, it is very important to have a separate space designated to your work. The space should not only be well designed but also be cleaner and less cluttered. Whatever, be the nature of work, the home office should be comfortable and cozy and motivating and inspiring at the same time. There should be no distractions in the room, so that you can focus completely on the work. Let’s accept it, that a cluttered desk and messed-up room will never help you accomplish anything. Here are 4 tips to create a work space that works for you:

  1. Inspiring space: To work in a space that is bright and outrageous a colorful and full of textures and shapes will surely inspire you. It will help you accomplish the best of work. Use clipboards to hang on the wall to display the inspiring photographs and important contact information. By hanging things on wall, the clutter is eliminated and if you are good at designing, you can create an organized artwork on the wall.
  2. Keep the office supplies accessible: It is very annoying to constantly dig through the stuff every time you need something. Therefore, it is very important to keep the items neatly sorted. The best way is to have a box where you can stack the supplies properly. There are many stores including Office Depot, Staples, Bulk Office Supply & more that offer some of the best office storage supplies at unbelievably low prices. is undoubtedly the best website when it comes to finding deals and coupons from major stores, check out frugaa stores.
  3. Business card ring: At times it is difficult to keep the track of business cards after the meeting. So, the best way is to punch the business cards and add to a ring binder. Next, time when you need a contact, you will not have to scan through all the drawers. One tip: Add the visiting cards in the alphabetical order to save time.
  4. Manage the cords: One thing that is really difficult to manage is the mess of the cords on the table. They not only hamper the look but also a visual distraction. It is best to use cable ties and clips to keep he cords neat and tidy.

Last but not the least; you need to have a good planner to mark the important dates, appointments and commitments. So, keeping your nature in mind, pick either a digital planner or write it down.

Office Space for Technology

Abstract Art for the Office or Home

Pretty Darn Cool...

Abstract Office Art
This great looking Modern Abstract Ready to Hang Stretched Canvas Oil Painting is the very definition of eye-catching. The vibrant color, alone, kind of demands your attention.


  • Size: 90x60cm (36x24inch)
  • 100% hand-painted high quality canvas oil painting painted by professional artists with years of oil painting experiences. A great gift idea for your relatives and friends. Gift cards are also available upon requests.
  • Gallery wrapped and stretched with wooden frame on the back. Ready to hang. Edges are painted. A perfect wall decoration for living room and bed room.
  • Shipping by Express, 10-15 days to get the painting after order placed. Each piece is custom made. Actual painting may be slightly different from the product image.

Click through the picture or link above for a closer look at this GORGEOUS canvas oil painting.

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The Dangers of Sitting too Much at Work

And What You Can Do About it...

Courtesy of: Pain Injury Relief

Also See: Sitting Kills, Moving Heals: How Everyday Movement Will Prevent Pain, Illness, and Early Death — and Exercise Alone Won’t

Sunlight Desk Lamp Simulates Sunlight

Goodbye Eyestrain, Hello Good, Good, Good, Good VIbrations

Sunlight Desk Lamp Simulates Daylight

The sleek Sunlight Desk Lamp (shown here) simulates sunlight, giving you the benefits of full spectrum Lighting.  Why’s this such a good thing for hardworking Office Freaks like you?  For one thing, full spectrum lighting creates a greater contrast when reading.  The words are more easily read – meaning less eyestrain.

Another benefit from the simulated sunlight has to do with colors. Colors are rendered more accurately in good lighting – and, let’s face it, sunlight is as good as it gets when it comes to lighting.

As if that’s not enough, here’s an unexpected benefit: Full spectrum lighting increases the release of seratonin a hormone linked to an improved feeling of well being.

What self-respecting Office Freak couldn’t get behind that action?!

Features of the Sunlight Desk Lamp

  • 150 watt of light output consumes 27 watts of energy.
  • Full spectrum sun light simulation
  • 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Click through the link or picture above for more information.

Perfect Coffee Mugs for the Office

They Even Come With Their Own Spoons Riding Shotgun

Coffee Mugs for the Office


My favorite office supply? Coffee.

My favorite office technology? Coffee makers.

My favorite office furniture? Coffee paraphernalia.

My favorite desk accessories? Coffee mugs.

Call me obsessed, call me a coffeeholic.. call me anything you want, just don’t’ call me while I’m drinking my coffee.

The coffee mugs shown in this post are ideal for office workers. Whether you’re like me and work from home or you’re one of those brave souls who venture out into the real world each day (my hat’s off to you, men and women of valor) – these coffee mugs are just what you need.  They aren’t just great looking, they’re functional. They have little spoons riding shotgun, allowing you to take care of your sugar business without searching out a plastic spoon.

The ones shown above are the Cafe Style 10 Oz Coffee Mug and Spoon, (Set of 4), Brown, White,, available on Amazon.


  • Classic café Paris Swirl Design, Coffee inscription. 10-ounce capacity set of 4.
  • Comfortable sturdy handle, Perfect for hot Coffee or Tea.
  • Made of lead-free glazed stoneware- a dense, strong and durable ceramic.
  • Packaged in clear cover Gift Box. Perfect gift for the Coffee Connoisseur.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Equally gorgeous are the Coffee Mugs shown below.

Coffee Mugs for the Office

These beauties are the Mr. Coffee 8-Piece Cafe Americano Mug Set with Spoons, 13-Ounce, Assorted, also on Amazon.


  • Set includes 4 mugs and 4 spoons
  • Expanded Set for full family
  • Made of Ceramic
  • Microwave Safe
  • Dishwasher Safe

Click through either picture or link for a closer look. They’d make perfect gift ideas for co-workers – just be sure to grab a set for yourself while you’re at it.

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